You come to realize what life is all about.
You come to realize that you are you in al of who you are.
There is no other way to accomplish all you are.
Your experience of life is the way.
Life is the way.
Live a grand life and experience the joy of it.
You are a guru, a bringer of light.
Let it shine in all aspects of life.
In the light there is nog fear and nog anger.
There is only light.
Find the bliss in your light.
Feel the bliss in your light.
Choose the bliss in your light.
It will all come to you my dear.
Light attract the joy, wealth and health, abundance and wisdom.
It attracts all what you are looking for in a natural way.
You may call it synchronicity. 

Just be the light.
Breath the light.
You can always be in a state of bliss if you choose so.
Do you dare to choose?